Quadron Data Solutions

Quadron Data Solutions provides technology-enabled solutions for independent, bank, and insurance broker-dealers. Quadron delivers comprehensive account opening and management capabilities, data management and enterprise workflow solutions from compliance surveillance to compensation management.

Quadron's core platform includes DataPro, a proprietary data warehouse and the QSuite of products providing integrated applications for data management and reporting needs through the front, middle and back office.

Go to: www.quadrondata.com

Quadron Data's current employment opportunities are posted on LinkedIn listed under Fetter Logic, Inc.

TransAd Partners

TransAd Partners LLC is a transformation consultancy helping retail wealth management firms assure their technology and business processing changes will be successful; the firms accurately define their business needs and remain continuously focused on them, and that they manage risk and make decisions with superior information.

TransAd advises investment firms in their planning and implementation strategies for improving their operating platforms, business processes and internal control, data management practices and effective business intelligence reporting.

Go to: www.transadpartners.com


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